The Importance of Hypertargeting

Targeted advertising to a consumer has always been a desire of marketers. Some techniques have been in place for years. Yet in today’s digital world, we’re able to drill down much further—to the bold new world of hypertargeting.

No matter your budget or campaign size, hypertargeting can help your marketing dollars go further and achieve better results.


What is hypertargeting?

Hypertargeting is an advertising solution that enables online marketers to tap into self-expressed user information to target campaigns like never before. But what does that mean? It means that marketers have a super effective marketing tactic: They can advertise only to those individuals who show an interest in their product or service. Advertisers can reach these audiences by leveraging targeted content and advanced platforms, such as the Air Age Media Audience Development Platform (ADP).


How hypertargeting works

Hypertargeting begins with defining and fully understanding exactly who your target audience is. This includes both concrete attributes of your audience, such as age, gender, and location, and intangible attributes that may include hobbies, interests, beliefs, and sentiments.

Once you have decided on your audience segment, the next step is developing the strategy to reach this audience. This is where Air Age Media, a trusted content provider, steps in with a strategy and provides the platform to reach the consumers most likely to be receptive to your brand.

The tactics need to make sense to reach your audience, and the advertising outlet you choose knows what communication media your target uses and how they use them.

It is also important to make sure that the messaging and creative content for your advertising speaks to your specific audience, to further encourage them to act upon the information or offer that you are directing them to.


How Air Age Media and the ADP can help

The Audience Development Platform (ADP) is a comprehensive community ecosystem of hypertargeted enthusiasts ingesting content simultaneously across our digital and other channels. Air Age Media as a steward of your ad dollars. We can create custom ad campaigns to meet any budget designed to leverage the ADP’s strategic, multichannel approach to targeting the right consumers, thereby maximizing your ROI.

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